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NIGERIA - Ogun State Water Corporation

Ce maître d'ouvrage publie des avis sous Agence Française de Développement - Agence de Financement.
NIGERIA - Ogun State Water Corporation opère dans le pays suivant : Nigeria.
The Ogun State Water Corporation was created by Edict No. 12 of 1977, which gave the Corporation’s existence with retrospective effect from 1st June, 1976. The mission of the corporation is to provide potable water to the people/residents of Ogun State at affordable rates and in a customer friendly manner.
The Ogun State Government through the Federal Government of Nigeria has received the sum of US$33.174 financing from the “Agence Française de Développement” (AFD) for the implementation of the Ogun Urban Water Supply Project (OguWaSP), which is to be executed by Ogun State Water Corporation (OGSWC).
The project aims at increasing the number of people with access to a performing and sustainable water supply service in Ogun State.
The key objectives of the project will be: (i) to increase the coverage, continuity and quality of service in the State Capital city (Abeokuta); (ii) to increase the financial viability (iii) to improve the governance of the water sector in Ogun State.
The Project is structured in two components:
a) An ‘infrastructure’ component, focused on Abeokuta (1million inhabitants): works on the main conveyance pipes and elevated storage tanks; works for rehabilitation, extension and densification of the secondary and service pipes as well as connections with systematic equipment of water meters; the rehabilitation of the five sluice gate of the upstream dam across Ogun River.
b) A ‘soft investment’ component (technical assistance and capacity building): a Project Management Support; an Institutional Technical Assistance at the State Ministry level; and an organisational Technical Assistance at OGSWC.

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