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Improving access to quality primary health services for vulnerable populations in Lebanon
The applicant can apply individually or as a consortium. The NGO members of the consortium must be: • non-profit organizations, local or international; • already registered (or in the registration process) and operational in Lebanon; • having previous experience working in a consortium (both for the lead NGO of the consortium and for the NGO members of the consortium); • having previous experience in the targeted region / area; • having experience in implementing projects in crisis contexts; • having experience in implementing health projects, particularly in the primary health care sector; • having a communication capacity i) with central authorities (MoPH / Primary Health Department) and local authorities, and ii) with the AFD; • capable of demonstrating their capacity to implement large-scale projects (the budget for the project submitted should not represent more than 35% of the lead NGO's annual resources for the last 3 certified fiscal years);